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Description of Privacy Policy at MBC Media

Here you can read our privacy policy

  1. What information are we collecting ? 
    All information from MBC Media is collected and bought by 3rd party companies with opt-in and permissions.
  2. What we you use the information for ?
    We use the collected information to send online offers through email and SMS with offers from our businesspartners
  3. How do we keep your information ?
    All the information collected is kept safe and is not distributed to other companies or partners.
  4. How can you correct information or unsubscribe ?
    You can correct your contact information by sending an email to MBC Media at with your updated information. If you would like to unsubscribe you can send an email to from the email address that you have received offers from MBC Media.
  5. If you disagree on the offers you are getting ?
    Please contact if you disagree on why you are receiving marketing offers from MBC Media. We will wishing 48 hours send you information back with name, address, timestamp, ip address and which homepage you have signed up from when we have collected your information.
  6. Any other questions ?
    If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us at, MBC Media, Pohja Puestee 23-106, 10414 Tallinn, Estonia.

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