Terms & Conditions for E-mail Marketing

Here you can read about the terms & conditions for email marketing.

  1. All e-mail marketing is sent through the company MBC Media, Company under MBC Media OÜ, Pohja Puente 23-106, 10414 Tallinn. Registercode – 14003775.
  2. All data and subscribers to MBC Media Newsletters are gathered with opt-in and permission.
  3. To unsubscribe from the newsletter use the in e-mail unsubscribe link, or send email to this address unsubscribe@mbcmedia.eu with the subject “UNSUBSCRIBE” and you will be removed from our newsletters.
  4. To get information about the permission and opt-in we have obtained please send email to permissions@mbcmedia.eu. Forward the received email to this address and we will send back the permission we have obtained with name, address, timestamp, IP address and url link from where you have signed up and given permission.
  5. All data is kept private according to general laws for e-mail and online marketing.
  6. For other contacts please contact MBC Media at mail@mbcmedia.eu.





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